A Helpful SQL Server DBA Checklist

Update: As Omer points out in the comments to this entry, the recommendations made in the DBA Checklist mentioned below are in places at odds with the official BizTalk/SQL Server best practices. When reviewing the checklist, please refer to the Microsoft BizTalk SQL Server Best Practices KB article.

SimpleTalk has a helpful DBA checklist for all those BizTalkers who double-hat and manage a SQL Server as-well-as a BizTalk environment. It covers a number of useful topics, including:

  • General best practices
  • High-availability
  • Performance tuning
  • Application coding and design
  • SSIS, Analysis Services, Reporting Services & Service Broker

Plenty of content for both new and experienced DBA’s – well worth a look.

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  1. Omer B


    I would recommend against using this guide.
    It’s better to use Microsoft’s Biztalk guides and not generic Sql server guides.

    For example the article recommends to set
    Auto Create Statistics: On
    Auto Update Statistics: On

    In Microsoft guides this setting is recommended to be set to off.

    in biztalk DB’s this settings under high loads can be the diffrence between functioning db or not (this happened at my company)

    Biztalk has a unique approach to sql, and you need to use it as intended.

  2. Nick Heppleston

    Thanks for the feedback, but I wasn’t suggesting it should be used as a replacement for BizTalk specific SQL Server settings, more of a ‘handy to have in your back pocket’ sort of guide. Maybe I should have made that a little clearer!

    Cheers, Nick.

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